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Taipro International Co., Ltd.


  • Key members are from United States, Switzerland, Taiwan and China. Most of them have worked with TSMC, UMC, ASE, SPIL, Amkor, Acer and JCET Technologies, etc.
  • Distinguished Senior Management Personnel and Academicians holding many essential patents & years of experience.
  • Put together they have a total amount more than 300 Patents.
  • Established hundreds of clean rooms for semiconductor wafer production, IC packaging, and test factories.
  • Lead teams consisting of thousands of employees, contractors, suppliers, workers under strict supervision.
  • Strong leadership in Assembly, Testing and Packaging factories construction & management.
  • Held senior positions as VP of ASE Group, CEO of Advanced Semiconductor Inc. (Chips & Module of Assembly & Test house), CEO of KASI (Korea Advanced Semiconductor) and Intel.
  • Includes Factory Director of Motorola, Amkor, ASE, Vice President of JCST Technology.
  • Currently developing ZETC Plant in China with more than 800 Employees.
  • ZETC expected to generate Annual Revenue of approx. 2 Bn USD and Annual Net Profit of 4.4 Bn RMB, i.e. 650 Mn USD.